Employee Monitoring

Employee Monitoring Software


Employee Monitoring Software

Why do i need to monitor employees?


The majority of your employees have the best interests at heart, but that does not mean that you should not protect your data. It only takes one person with malicious intent to cause serious damage to your organisation. When you suspect that you might have a problem, or a breach, you need to be prepared with unbiased insight, and you need it to be readily available.


Our Solution - Veriato 360

Veriato 360 is the most popular employee monitoring solution in the world. With Veriato 360 you can capture what your employees and contractors are doing on your systems, and if they are legitimately accessing the resources your provided them. You will be able to control what data is collected and when. Powerful alerting, search and reporting capabilities will minimise the time required to answer your questions. Video playback (DVR-like) will eliminate any doubts. Veriato 360 is there for you - whether you need visibility, conduct a critical investigation, or to make sure that your data is safe.

What is protected?

Veriato 360 will protect you against;

  • Employee Data Theft
  • Malicious Insider Activity
  • Measuring Employee Productivity
  • Employee Investigations
  • Sensitive Data Management Alerts
  • Employee Fraud
  • Prevent Fraud and leakages before it is too late

Key Features

  • Video Playback
  • Alerts
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Quick View Panels
  • Global Search
  • File & Document Tracking
  • Keystroke Logging
  • Email Recording
  • Web Activity

Veriato 360

Trusted by THOUSANDS of companies in 110 Countries

Why Veriato ?

Veriato provides a unique, fully integrated solution that focuses on detection and response to insider threats through a combination of advanced behavioral analysis and context-rich logging of insider activity.

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