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Managed IT Services


IT Services

A step above essential IT Support, our full IT Services system to ensure your IT system fully covered and secure. Our experts are always on hand whenever we need them, equipped with the latest remote support tools to help you reduce risk within your business and increase productivity straightaway.

To make sure your IT is working to its full potential, we will highlight any existing problems and ensure you are protected for the future. We are in it for the long haul, so we will continuously monitor your system should you require it, and foresee any issues that might arise with your set-up.

Personalised Service

Whatever the size of your company and complexity of your IT system – we’re here to help. From tech support for a computer or two, to assuming complete responsibility of a company’s entire network of offices, Cloud and infrastructure – Vianet can take on the job. In any case, we will provide on-site and backup services, remote support, and quick response to any IT issues.

Through consistent monitoring of your IT, we can pick up on problems before they even arise. You will get alerted when something is wrong, and we can take all the necessary steps to take care of issues before they cost you any downtime. By documenting your IT inventory, we can provide swift solutions that are tailor-made for you.

Our plan to provide you comprehensive IT services is tailor-made to suit your business, in order to cut costs and guarantee efficiency. With Vianet IT Services, you will get all the support and solutions you need in one place. Your business will experience an upsurge in productivity, and you can rest assured that all your IT needs are secure and taken care of.

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Focus your time and energy on your core business goals and responsibilities by leaving it up to us to take care of managing your entire IT system including service and equipment. We can offer full network maintenance of your entire workstations and servers, no matter how big or small.

Nowadays, businesses have moved to the Cloud, and our Managed Cloud services are ideal for those who want to succeed without the added responsibility of handling their own Cloud. Once we understand exactly what your company needs, we can draw up an IT plan that will reduce costs and increase efficiency long-term. We will manage, monitor and support your system consistently to ensure it is secure and effective.

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