Vianet Offsite Backup System


Offsite Backup System

The importance of backup systems can be easily understood because computers are electronic items. Electronic items are prone to failures. The most threatening kind of failure is data loss or corruption of data. Once you lose or corrupt your data, you have no other option then restoring it from the backup taken before data corruption or deletion.

A huge mistake made by businesses is to think that a regular backup storage like usb is sufficient. Ignoring the importance of a reliable backup system may cause permanent loss of important data, a major disaster for most of us. In case you do not have the backup of data, you will have to start from the scratch creating affected files. Vianet Systems can make sure that if such disasters do happen, one can always have multiple backup copies of their data. This will ensure maximum business efficiency and production. Vianet Systems also provides off-site backup solutions using secure  connections to our datacenter. The client can choose from a range of connections available such as VPN or dedicated connections.

Vianet offers an Offsite Backup solution suitable for any type of business. This service works over a normal business Internet Connection (that offers adequate upload speeds with at least 1 Mbps). With our very high standards and the best encryption technologies we make sure to manage, store and transfer data in the most secure way.

A secure connection is made to Vianet’s servers. The client’s server checks what data has been changed, then encrypts the new data and transfers it to Vianet’s servers as a backup.This process is done automatically every night. The service is monitored and we will be notified if the backup is not done. This gives you peace of mind for the necessary protection of your data.

If a full backup needs to be retrieved, Vianet will be able to provide you with a copy of your data on a physical Hard Drive within 3 hours of the request, instead of having to transfer the data over the internet and back to your server.

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