Ideal for gaming companies who need to host their ‘gaming servers’ in Malta.

We are connected to a range of IP transit providers in Malta, including GO and Vodafone.

Power to the center is delivered through a redundant power feed, while our fibre connections take different paths to both of Vianet’s local data centers.

Clients with physical servers on site will each be provided with at least two 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet connections for two separate switches. Meanwhile, both are located on the same VLAN, which ensures that their set-up and management is as easy to achieve as possible.

Finally, our high-tech on-site generators start automatically in the event of a power failure. These are regularly tested to ensure their readiness in any eventuality.

Security is one of our foremost concerns, and highlevel security equipment and procedures are in place at all times and across all our data centers. Measures include:

  • Monitoring and CCTV recording throughout the buildings, including in customer care areas, with all access points constantly controlled
  • Visitor screening, with identities verified and individuals escorted to the appropriate locations
  • Access history recordings, which are kept for customer audits when requested or required
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