Why Outsource IT?


Why Outsource?

Simple!, because outsourcing your IT is more economical than an in-house IT department.  You get the reassurance that your IT systems are being looked after by a team of accredited, trained, professionals 24/7 with full traceability and reporting.  You encounter no issues like holiday and sick leave cover.  All businesses depend on IT services to keep up and running and when IT services fail it has an impact on productivity.  Managed IT Support services ensure that critical IT services remain available to all users.

Outsourcing to a reputable company like Vianet is more efficient and gives you better peace of mind than having an in-house IT department. Having an in-house IT person might sound great, but what happens if an issue arises when your IT person is on sick leave or holiday? Also, no one person can have good knowledge and experience with a wide range of systems that make up modern IT systems. Outsourcing will solve this because you will be tapping into out team’s experience with our many clients and knowledge shared between all our support agents and engineers.


Why Outsource to Vianet?

Businesses who outsource IT services with Vianet enjoy more stable network systems, lower maintenance costs, more uptime and greater peace of mind. Vianet listens to your business needs and goals, offer impartial advice and show you ways in which technology can lower costs and increase productivity, giving you a greater return on your IT investments. Trust, professionalism and responsiveness are very important factors in choosing your ICT partner.


Managed ICT Services vs ‘Traditional Break-Fix’ Support Services

Choosing to engage in a Traditional Break-Fix support contract means that you would be charged hourly rates when a problem occurs. However this does not encourage your IT contractor to work to find the root cause of the problem or even to put in place fixes to prevent problems before they occur. They are not interested in looking at your IT system as a whole and ensuring that it is adequate to service your company’s needs, you are just paying for quick fixes unlike Managed IT Service contracts.

Vianet’s Managed IT Service contract offers you the chance to have all the benefits of a fully functional, professional ICT department at a reduced cost. We work by first preventing issues from arising and if they do arise, then we fix these immediately, in many cases even before the client has noticed. 24/7 monitoring means that as soon as an issue arises we are aware and the problem can be resolved before it impacts your business. It also means that the issue is fixed faster. Most of the time our engineers don’t even need to come onsite. They just remotely connect to the device causing the problem and resolve the issue.

Vianet provides a reliable and responsive service using skilled professionals so that your ICT systems can function all the time. We also strategically review your ICT requirements and help you to plan your ICT investment to maximise the returns for your business.


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